Motion design
Shown on big glowing screens between snowy slopes or in the October night, Hehku explores the feelings that are evoked when we see images of lush, warm summer in the middle of the cold and dark. 
Will the light and warmth emitted from the screens and shown in the video soothe our minds by reminding us of summer or will they induce a wanderlust for a winter getaway in the tropics? If so, how does one relate to their desire for long-haul travel when the very act of travelling can be harmful for the nature in the destination?
MONUMENT x CCTV, Stockholm, 11.2.2023.
Bella Skyway Festival, Torun Poland,16.–20.8.2022.
Flow Festival, Helsinki,12.–14.8.2022.
Reflektor Light Art Festival, Espoo, 7.–10.10.2021.
Polar Night Light festival, Ruka 14.–30.1.2021. 
"Merle Karp’s double-channel video installation of resplendent nature felt atmospheric rather than being a work about the terrifying future implications of climate change.
“Light and video works may be considered abstract compared to other art forms,” said the collective’s artistic director Matti Jykylä. “But this exhibition is about reality. Merle Karp's video piece can be utopic on the surface but as South Europe, California etc are burning, the work becomes super concrete.”"

Installation view from Polar Night Light Festival. Mikko Halvari

Installation view from Reflektor Light Art Festival. Hannu Iso-Oja

Tanu Kallio / Kaupunkitapahtumat Espoo

Hannu Iso-Oja

Hannu Iso-Oja

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