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I'm the Monster is a live music perfromance by a Finnish multidisciplinary artist Katja-Maria/Kay Taavitsainen. The performance transforms fluidly from a bodily installation towards a somatic symphony.

Structured around Taavitsainen's debut album, the performance centres on a non-binary body and aims to unlock the pleasure and desire that the body inhabits. In the created space, we travel towards the existence of a non-binary person through heartbreaks, realisations, dreads and dreams — through the cyclic death and rebirth. 
4.–5.5.2022 Kuopio City Theatre, Maria-stage, Dance Theatre Minimi
1.–10.9.2022 Zodiak Stage, Zodiak Helsinki
Choreography, dramaturgy, composition and performance: Katja-Maria/Kay Taavitsainen aka meu
Video art: Merle Karp
Sound design of the space: Fjóla Gautadóttir
Live instruments: Aapeli Hakala
Costume design: Kimmo Alakunnas, Kati Sinisalo
Music videos: Jukka Moisio
Performers on vide: meu, Aapeli Hakala, Marlon Moilanen
Visuals on videos: Merle Karp
Album lyrics and composition: meu
Album mixing and mastering: Kalifornia-Keke
Recording of vocals and mixing: Sarah Kivi
Artist photos and cover art for the album: Tuuti Piippo

Photos: Petra Tiihonen

Video: Kim Saarinen

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