What happens when one's whole life from daily tasks and work to hobbies and social events takes place only through a personal computer? 
When one's whole life takes place remotely, the human body becomes but an extension between the brain and computer's efficient collaboration. In the process, flesh and bones turn out to be a particularly bad user interface for information work with all their needs, aches and fatigues.
Bad UI is a personal interpretation of a dysfunctional relationship with one’s body during the self-isolation of modern pandemic times, exploring the themes of human-computer interaction, well-being at work-from-home and ergonomics of information work.
Idea, direction and video production: Merle Karp
Music: Leo Pahta
Ars 108, Nokia 2.7–29.8.2021
Message Journal, Issue 5: COVID-19 special issue, 2/2022, University of Plymouth. https://pearl.plymouth.ac.uk/handle/10026.1/18929
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